UofI - Chicago Campus

Eric Gutstein, Curriculum and Instruction Faculty
"Developing social justice mathematics curriculum from students' realities: A case of a Chicago public school."

Northwestern University:

1. NU School of Continuing Studies hosts the local AP Summer Institute -- trains teachers to teach the AP courses
2. NU SESP Alternative Teacher Training Program for Chicago
3. NU SESP Secondary School Teaching program for NU undergrads

Keith Chavey - teaches the AP Calculus College Board 'Summer Institute' as part of NU's School of Continuing Studies
(he's faculty in math/combinatorics at UW-River Falls)

Kemi Jona
Vicky Kalogera
Mike Horn, SESP, CS, worked a lot with visual programming like TERN. Focus on K-8?
Uri Wilensky, SESP, Netlogo

Matthew Easterday, SESP
Nicole Immorlica, EECS, Tom's advisor
Gokhan Memik, CS, Matt's advisor
Bruce Sherin, SESP
Sara Sawyer?, CS & physics
Alvin Bayless, Applied Math, runs prof. dev't sessions for his grad students/postdocs

Aviv Nevo, Math Methods in the Social Sciences. His research is on consumer behavior. Perhaps would be interested in creating K-12 module based on his research (that's relevant to low SES, women, or minority students?)

Jennifer Light, School of Communication, studies technology public policy. 2001 article on how getting technology into the schools pulled attention away from the underlying inequities

The NU Integrated Science Program has a programming class for freshman, taught by juniors and seniors
(approach them for ideas)

Susan Ipri-Brown
Michelle Paulsen

Daryl Haggard
Laura Trouille

High School Curriculum Development:

Niles High School Applied Math Modeling course

Lois Wisniewski (Director of Science for both schools)
David Wartowski (Director of Mathematics, Niles North)
Bob Williams (Director of Mathematics, Niles West)
Christopher Powell (Director of Applied Science & Technology)

Middle School Curriculum Development:

Old Orchard Junior High CT course

Center for Talent Development - Sharon
Project Excite

CT across the Curriculum:

Dr. Amber Settle, DePaul University, PI of NSF funded project

Local Industry:

Microsoft Education Initiatives